Deli Heins Burg. Apgujung, Korea

It was 9 O'clock Saturday morning, hungry as a pig. I expected all the breakfast places to be open and ready to shovel food in my stomach. Apparently, the city was still in sleep and most places open after 10(good to know for next time). John and I decided to walk around in Garosu street in Sinsa to explore before the restaurant opens. We found a German deli restaurant as they were just opening, of course we ate there.

John ordered a reuben sandwich and I had Spicy Salsa Burger along with Blueberry Cream cheese Milkshake. I know, you might say Cheese Milkshake sounds gross BUT it was amazing and you have to try it sometime.

This restaurant is definitely on my list and will be going back to enjoy the the urban and modern architecture and amazing food.

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